Our Team

Our goal is to offer you exceptional quality, flavour and inspirational ideas for your kitchen.

We are a committed, passionate and dedicated team of people whose aim is to bring each category to life by inspiring and assisting you in a true partnership.

To give you this fine food service and our great product range we need to provide you with;

  • Great support services
  • Educated advice and information
  • Commitment to you as a Customer
  • Innovative uses for our product

We look forward to working with you and offering great meal solutions that will enhance your whole experience in the kitchen.

Meet the Team

  • NSW – Joel
  • VIC – Marcus, Adrian & Josh
  • WA – Adam
  • QLD – Richard & Brett
  • SA – Shane

Head Office – Matt, Stuart, Richard, Damian, Mark & Tim


Foodie Facts

Whether you use them as a condiment or flavour base, sauces are another great way of adding authenticity, flavour or an international feel to your recipes.

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