Health and Nutrition

Good food is essential to our health and nutrition. At Mars Foodservices we make a conscious effort to ensure we provide healthy and nutritious food options for the Foodservice Industry. For instance, all Mars Foodservices products are free from added MSG.

For many of us, eating out is no longer kept for those special occasions; eating out can be a daily occurrence. At the same time we are becoming increasingly concerned about our health. But we will not compromise on taste and quality. So, to appeal to everyone we provide 'uncompromising quality' by offering products that are faithful to authentic taste and healthy eating, ultimately both your taste buds and nutritional requirements are sufficed.

Overall, we are producing great food that is good for you and our range of products and their diverse tastes addresses the needs of our individual customers.

Foodie Facts

Mars Foodservices are a committed, passionate and dedicated team of people whose aim is to inspire your meals.

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