Sage Leaves

Foodie Facts

Whether you use them as a condiment or flavour base, sauces are another great way of adding authenticity, flavour or an international feel to your recipes.

Herbs Sage Leaves

Tips & Hints

  • Great flavour enhancer for seafood, vegetables, breadsticks, cornbreads, muffins and other savoury breads
  • Great with swordfish, tuna, steaks, chicken and turkey
  • Use in stuffing for pork, goose or duck
  • Sage aids the digestion of fatty and oily foods and is traditionally used as a partner for them
  • Add to flavour soft cheese dips
  • Add to apples, dried beans, cheese, onion and tomatoes
  • Great to flavour focaccia, polenta or semolina gnocchi
  • Rub sage, pepper and garlic into tenderloin chops


May contain sesame seeds.

Sage leaves

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