UNCLE BEN'S Long Grain Rice

Foodie Facts

Rice balls can be made into many exciting finger food ideas. Mix any risotto or pilaf style rice with egg, dip in breadcrumbs and deep fry.

Uncle Ben's Rice Uncle Ben's® Long Grain Rice

Tips & Hints

  • Consistent every time
  • Crack percentage no more than 1.25% to total product (damaged or broken Kernels)
  • Baine Marie stable for 3 hours
  • Freeze - thaw stable
  • Delivers a dependable cooking time, each grain cooks evenly and at the same rate time after time
  • Uncle Ben's gentle drying process keeps grains separate, resulting in a light fluffy texture


Manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts.

100% Dry Rice

Nutritional Information

Servings per : Serving size: g
Average Qty: Per 100g
Energy kJ
Protein g
-total g
-saturated g
-total g
-sugars g
Sodium mg

Uncle Ben's Long Grain Rice 1x25kg | 157285 | Available on request

Uncle Ben's Long Grain Rice 1x11.3kg | 157286 | Available on request